I work at the intersection of business management and creativity. My passion lies in the power of design to shift experience and culture.

When good design works, it creates both obvious and not so obvious connections and experiences. Its worth may be immediately recognizable and becomes part of our story. It stimulates an emotion and that “how it makes us feel” can be instant. Or it seeps into our value system over time.

I love products of good design. I can spend hours exploring and uncovering objects and designers of objects of good design. In my work at Poet and/the Bench, I’ve found that most often, there is an undeniable quality of aesthetics, function and form and an authenticity of craft that transcends the object and becomes something that beautifies and betters our world in some way. At the shop, we talk about curating designers that have a narrative and this is an essential part of good design for me—storytelling connects us to the human experience. At one level, this can be a beautiful ceramic object for our home, a piece of jewelry or a newly discovered fragrance—and the combination of story and object makes it personal. At a more profound level where an object has a bigger purpose, this idea of an undeniable quality of aesthetics, function and form and an authenticity of craft could be a tool (like a prosthetic on the one hand or an all-organic clean eating offering on another) that fundamentally and beautifully changes someone’s life.

I love brands that understand good design. It’s that magical quality of understanding me (personal relevancy), the influences in the world around me (cultural relevancy), the recommendations I respond to (social relevancy) and how it will benefit my life (functional relevancy). Your perception of the brand and how it makes you feel will likely determine how you will engage.

I have been managing director of 3 agencies, Hatch DesignRedscout and Cahan & Associates and through studying consumers—especially in food, beverage, beauty, fashion and retail—we know that grounding our work in an understanding of human behavior with all of its personal nuances and cultural influences, by assessing the stories already in the marketplace, and finding your brand’s ownable whitespace, is how we can uncover that just right brand idea and personality that makes a brand transcend and have ripple effects in its category.

I am known for my ability to connect companies, brands, people and opportunities and bring stories to life. I am curious, entrepreneurial and perennial.

My experience includes:

  • Lead organizations and galvanize teams, providing a sense of place and inspiration
  • Agency positioning and growth strategy
  • Agency new business infrastructure and development, outreach, strategic problem-solving, proposals and negotiation
  • Content development for marketing and profile raising
  • Brand strategy, launch strategy
  • Insights consulting for innovation and consumer products
  • Design inspiration and sustainable practices
  • Oversee creative concepts and implementation
  • Retail curation
  • Develop content and executive produce events
  • I’ve worked for and with:
    - Poet and/the Bench, Jewelry and Home Goods Curated by Design
    Co-Founder, Curator

    - Hatch Design, We craft brands that move people to affection
    Managing Director

    - Redscout, Helps Brands Realize Their Potential
    Managing Director

    - Hybrid Design, Turning Ideas into Exceptional Experiences

    - Lividini & Co., Strategy & Marketing for Retail Impact

    - Volume, Refreshingly Smart & Observant Creative

    - TBWA/Chiat Day’s The Disruption Consultancy, A Brand Management Agency

    - Ferroconcrete, Brands Personified

    - Grow Marketing, Brand Experiences that Forge Emotional Connections

    - Cahan & Associates (now closed)
    Managing Director

    - FreeForm (now Wondros), a Media and Purpose-Driven Company in the Service of Ideas that Change Culture

    - Principle, Meticulously Produced Consumer & Cultural Campaigns

    - Wide Idea (now Brief Agency), Making Brands and People Live Together

    - Janou Pakter, Executive Search Specializing in Creative & Marketing Talent

    - Jeffrey Levin, Handcrafted Fine Jewelry
    Brand Director

    - I Married Me, Self-Wedding In-A-Box
    I Married Me

    - Wildwood School, Brave Learners, Thinkers, and Doers
    Director of Marketing and Communications

    - Secara, Professional Chinese Healing Remedies with a Focus on Organic Ingredients

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